Friday, October 14, 2011

Raffle- The Shine Project

 Happy Friday everyone! Please, please, please when you have a few minutes today please check this out...

Ashley @ the Shine Project is doing some amazing things! Please visit her blog and participate in her raffle...


Each entry is $1. You can purchase as many entries as you would like.
To purchase your tickets, click on the donate button on the left side of my blog.
You do NOT need PayPal in order to complete your donation.
After you buy your tickets, you will leave a comment  saying how many entries you bought.
For example, if you donate $10, you get 1o entries. So you'd comment:
Your email address- 10

**For every 10 you purchase, you get 2 free!
So add those in when you leave a comment as well!
My goal is to raise at least $2,000 from this raffle.
PLEASE help spread the word!
And if you live in AZ, we hope to see you at the SHINE event next Thursday!
Click HERE to participate!"

Here's what I donated to the raffle...

So if you want to win these, and whole bunch of really cute handmade stuff, and support a really good cause at the same time buy lots of tickets!
Have a great weekend!

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