Thursday, November 24, 2011

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did! I'm stuffed! I'm getting ready to go out for Black Friday...Yes I'm crazy.

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Happy Shopping!

Thankful Series - Thursday

Thursday:  I am thankful for - My Husband, Scott

 Wow, where do I even begin? I don't know what I would do with out him. He is everything to me. He's helped me through some pretty bad times. He's the perfect man in my eyes. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me and I wouldn't do for him. I don't want to get too personal because he's a shy person, but everything I have to be thankful for I have because of him. I love you Scott...

Our back story:
We met back in high school, but he had a girlfriend and I had a crush on him. We didn't go to the same school. We talked a lot on the phone and remained friends. I hated the fact he had a girlfriend back then, but now we've both come to realize we wouldn't be together now if we dated back then. He is a year older than me and went of to join the Air Force after his graduation... We didn't speak again after that.

We reconnected somehow in 2006. He had come back from the Air Force, and we started talking again. We first talked online and I will never forget the line he used to be able to talk to me on the phone,"can I have your phone number to call you and talk, my lap top is going to over heat." So he called and we talked for hours! Just like that, we connected again like we never had ever stopped talking. We hung out later that same week and from then on have been inseparable. 

We dated for a year, then he proposed!

We got married on 6/7/08

Hawaii for our Honeymoon...

Not only am I thankful for him but also his family. They have made me really feel welcome and apart of their families. I love them all so much. I don't think I could have made it through some of the last Holidays with out a family and I'm so happy I had them.

I love you Scott, and I am so thankful we found each other again. I love all the time we've spent together and all of our adventures we've had so far. I can't wait for the ones to come! You are my everything. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Series - Wednesday

Wednesday:  I am thankful for - My Little Bro Joe

This is my little brother Joe. He was born 5 years 2 months and 8 days after me. It was tough having a little brother come into my world as an only child. I remember thinking I can't wait to have a little brother! Then when he finally got here, I thought what the hell was I thinking!?
We pretty much "hated" each other for most of our childhood. When I say hate, I don't really mean hate. Now that I look back on growing up with him it's funny. We fought, a lot, but we were always there for each other and were always together making each other laugh. 
 As we got older, I graduated high school and he started, we grew apart a little. Just older and always with our friends. Our lives took a big turn when my brother graduated...

Just before his graduation I just got married. This is when we really became the best of friends. We had some bad things happen to us with our parents and figured out all we really have, family-wise, is each other. I don't know what I would do with out my little bro. He makes me laugh when I'm down. He knows most of my secrets, he loves my husband probably as much as I do. We both are there for each other no matter what. 

My most memorable and favorite moment with Joe was his 21st Birthday we just celebrated in Vegas! We had the best time! I will never forget it :)
Las Vegas 

Thanks for always being there when I need to talk JoeJoe. I love you and I am so thankful I have you. 
Love, Jessica 

1 more day until Turkey Day! MMMMMMM

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Series - Tuesday

Tuesday:  I am thankful for -The Art of Crochet

How did I start crocheting? Well when I met my husbands grandma I was interested in what I thought was crocheting. She knit. I told her I wanted to learn how to crochet and she knew how so she taught me the basic single and double crochet. From there all I made were basic blankets that had zig-zagged edges from not counting my stitches. I hated how they turned out but my husband said "you have to keep those blankets! One day we'll look at them and laugh," and we do!

It may seem ok in this picture, but it's very zig-zagged on the edges! hahaha.

 I gave up on it for a little while. My husband and I had a little bit of a tragedy in our lives. I miscarried for the first time. I knew I needed a real hobby to take my mind off things, start new, and move on. My co-worker Charlotte was a crocheter and so I asked her to help me to advance a little more, maybe help me with reading a pattern. I looked online and found Ohmygoodknits. Charlotte tried helping me with Lisa's slipper patterns. Once I perfected the slippers (by making over a dozen for Christmas last year) I thought I was getting pretty good!

 I'm so happy I found crochet. It seems to bring people together. If they don't already know how and are open minded they may ask you to show them how. If they already know how they usually want to get together and share ideas, or ask for help. Or when you make things people ask a lot of questions about it because crocheting turns out so beautiful  people think it looks hard! Believe me if I could do it you could do it! It's also very relaxing and takes your mind off things if you need that sort of thing. The number one thing I love most about crocheting is when someone receives something I've made. It makes me so happy and excited while I'm making it but to give a crocheted gift is the best. Knowing some one made you a gift with their own 2 hands is priceless in a world of technology gadgets!  

If you'd like to win a pair of my slippers and a bow scarf 
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2 more days 'til Turkey Day! MMMMMMM

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Series - Monday

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving I wanted to do a series just for this week on things or people I am thankful for. I am hoping for some new readers and hopefully if I get some this series will help you get to know me more.

Monday:  I am thankful for - My Kitties

This is Jinxie. 
  • Has a shoe obsession
  • Is the female version of Garfield 
  • Likes to drink water with ice in it
  • Has a weird voice/meow
  • Favorite Toy: yarn,string,ribbon,cardboard

This is Malibu.
  • Crazy
  • Talks/Meows A LOT 
  •   Obsessed with me 
  • Sweetheart
  • Loves everyone
  • Favorite Toy: her "baby" mouse

My husband had both of them when they were little kittens and that was before we started dating. When we started dating I think they were almost a year old. I used to be one of those people who "hated cats". These guys changed me. I figured if I move in with Scott I have to tolerate them. Now I don't know what a day would be like without them. Not only do I have more compassion for cats but all animals in general. I am a firm believer in rescuing your animals. Please rescue!   

 The Kitties

Malibu was the first to warm up to me. When I first started coming around she was so skittish and weird. She is still weird but I'd like to believe I've changed her into a lover now. She used to be so scared of people and little by little I tried to get her to trust me just by loving her and giving her more and more attention daily.  (I have to admit I bribed her a little with people food. She loves cheese). Eventually she warmed up to me and now she won't leave me alone! I love her so much  She not only isn't skittish anymore but seeks attention from everyone who visits us and loooooves attention. She won't stop meowing until you make her aware you know she's there. She loves her baby mouse and like to carry it around in her mouth while meowing.

Jinxie. Oh Jinxie. She's so simple. She's just a cat and understands that the only thing that she should eat is stuff for cats. I think she only likes men. At first, she hated me. I think she hated the fact that I was now Scott's cuddle friend and not her. I left her alone and let he come to me. She's a hard-to-get kinda gal. Eventually all my attention went to Malibu and she could care less. But recently we have become BFFs. I found her weakness. Whenever we pour ourselves a glass of ice water she starts meowing like crazy. And she NEVER meows! So at night I usually try to give her her own glass of ice water. I know weird but she loves it and its a cheap treat. She's pretty huge and doesn't run around much unless her and Malibu are in a tiff. She's really laid back, but doesn't really like strangers. She also has a steel rod in her back left leg. She had an accident with playing and getting her claws stuck on a cat condo. She gets her claws stuck on things a lot. She has a weird thing with retracting them. She and Malibu were playing and she tried jumping of the top of a cat condo and got  her back  claw stuck and broke her back leg :( She's ok now...


Now you know Malibu and Jinxie.

Have a good day! Only 3 more days until Turkey Day, MMMMMMM!

Check this post out from elycia <3 She's wearing a ButtonHook scarf!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friend Feature - Always Ashten

My friend Ashten has a really cute blog called Always Ashten . She is adorable and she lives in Atlanta. I've known her since we were in second grade, (so for a long time!) I've never really thought about it until now but she has been with me or known me through some of the most important times in my life. We went to same elementary, middle and high school together and I know she was at my wedding! When I think about being friends with Ashten I always hear her voice and remember how peepy and sweet she is. She has been one of a few friends who have bought something from my Etsy shop to support me. That makes me smile. She is so kind and I hope you check out her adventures... as I mentioned she now lives in Atlanta. She has a big gorgeous boxer named Warner. She looooves football, USC especially! She's just so darn cute! Please check out her blog . If you had a blog I know she'd support yours! 

Here is the link:

Check this out. She did a video blog featuring my stuff!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Ec # 1 - Online Sewing Class for beginers/ My First Sewing Project!

Lately I have been wanting to buy a sewing machine. They are so pretty and there are so many crochet projects I have done that I know would look so much cuter if I knew how to sew a few things to add to them. Well a about a month ago Target had sewing machines on sale in their Sunday ad. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be because I was just begging my husband for one. He agreed I could have one as long as it was reasonably priced and poof... Target had a beginners Singer on SALE! So, I bought it... It's just a basic model but that's all I need.

Isn't it pretty!? It's so new :)
I thought about taking a class at a craft store or something but I only have extra time on weekends and I hate waking up early. Then I came across the Home Ec image above on Pinterest. Oh lovely Pinterest! I looked more into the class and it seemed very reasonable. It cost $50 and there are about 27 step-by-step projects that get a little harder as you go. You go at your own pace. This has been great for me so far. I highly recommend this if you don't have a clue about sewing or even your sewing machine. They go over EVERYTHING.

The first project is a drawstring bag. Here's how mine came out...

It's the first project I've ever done on my own, on my own machine! I love it. I'm using it for my current crochet projects.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thrifty 3 - Pyrex Heaven

So this weekend the Packers had a Bye Week (I guess this means they don't play this week). Since Scott was free from football we decided to go to the Drive-In! We don't have a Drive-In here in Ventura, so we drove south to Riverside...

$7.00 per Adult for 2 Movies!

Saturday night we saw Puss In Boots and Footloose. Puss In Boots was hilarious, and Footloose was...well I don't want to be negative so I'll move on...If you've ever seen our cat Jinxie you'd love Puss In Boots. She looks just like Puss! If you love cats you'll love this movie too. We sat in travel chairs in the back of Scott's truck with lots of blankets and a cooler full of snacks. It got down to about 47 degrees which was bearable and cozy with all of the blankets we had.

We stayed the night in a hotel and went to the Swap Meet there the next morning. I normally don't like swap meets but the last trip we made to the Drive In we also went to the swap meet the next morning and I found a Pyrex bowl. Their swap meet is more of a mix of new and old. They sell new things but a lot of people sell their old things like at a garage sale. Maybe that's how swap meets are supposed to be but the one where I live isn't like that at all. That's why I never go. But boy did we score on this trip!

I found this pink casserole dish for $3.00!
(I had the little turquoise one already)

...Walked a little more and found these for $3.00 a piece!

I was satisfied and really Ready to go home. It was starting to get in the high 80 degrees or so. I hate heat so I was ready. Scott said we should finish go through the whole swap meet. We live 2 hours away we might as well... Good thing I listened to him! Look what we found!

$15.00 brought down to $13.00 , thanks to my hubby, for the whole set! 

I've been collecting Pyrex here and there. If I see them I buy them, I haven't really hunted for them. I have to say I am pretty proud of my collection so far. Honestly with the luck I had this weekend I'd be ok going a year without finding another piece. I mean I'd love to find more but I feel like I've already been so lucky!

(this is my whole collection minus an orange bowl filled with cookie dough in the fridge...mmm)