Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thrifty 3 - Pyrex Heaven

So this weekend the Packers had a Bye Week (I guess this means they don't play this week). Since Scott was free from football we decided to go to the Drive-In! We don't have a Drive-In here in Ventura, so we drove south to Riverside...

$7.00 per Adult for 2 Movies!

Saturday night we saw Puss In Boots and Footloose. Puss In Boots was hilarious, and Footloose was...well I don't want to be negative so I'll move on...If you've ever seen our cat Jinxie you'd love Puss In Boots. She looks just like Puss! If you love cats you'll love this movie too. We sat in travel chairs in the back of Scott's truck with lots of blankets and a cooler full of snacks. It got down to about 47 degrees which was bearable and cozy with all of the blankets we had.

We stayed the night in a hotel and went to the Swap Meet there the next morning. I normally don't like swap meets but the last trip we made to the Drive In we also went to the swap meet the next morning and I found a Pyrex bowl. Their swap meet is more of a mix of new and old. They sell new things but a lot of people sell their old things like at a garage sale. Maybe that's how swap meets are supposed to be but the one where I live isn't like that at all. That's why I never go. But boy did we score on this trip!

I found this pink casserole dish for $3.00!
(I had the little turquoise one already)

...Walked a little more and found these for $3.00 a piece!

I was satisfied and really Ready to go home. It was starting to get in the high 80 degrees or so. I hate heat so I was ready. Scott said we should finish go through the whole swap meet. We live 2 hours away we might as well... Good thing I listened to him! Look what we found!

$15.00 brought down to $13.00 , thanks to my hubby, for the whole set! 

I've been collecting Pyrex here and there. If I see them I buy them, I haven't really hunted for them. I have to say I am pretty proud of my collection so far. Honestly with the luck I had this weekend I'd be ok going a year without finding another piece. I mean I'd love to find more but I feel like I've already been so lucky!

(this is my whole collection minus an orange bowl filled with cookie dough in the fridge...mmm)

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