Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Series - Monday

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving I wanted to do a series just for this week on things or people I am thankful for. I am hoping for some new readers and hopefully if I get some this series will help you get to know me more.

Monday:  I am thankful for - My Kitties

This is Jinxie. 
  • Has a shoe obsession
  • Is the female version of Garfield 
  • Likes to drink water with ice in it
  • Has a weird voice/meow
  • Favorite Toy: yarn,string,ribbon,cardboard

This is Malibu.
  • Crazy
  • Talks/Meows A LOT 
  •   Obsessed with me 
  • Sweetheart
  • Loves everyone
  • Favorite Toy: her "baby" mouse

My husband had both of them when they were little kittens and that was before we started dating. When we started dating I think they were almost a year old. I used to be one of those people who "hated cats". These guys changed me. I figured if I move in with Scott I have to tolerate them. Now I don't know what a day would be like without them. Not only do I have more compassion for cats but all animals in general. I am a firm believer in rescuing your animals. Please rescue!   

 The Kitties

Malibu was the first to warm up to me. When I first started coming around she was so skittish and weird. She is still weird but I'd like to believe I've changed her into a lover now. She used to be so scared of people and little by little I tried to get her to trust me just by loving her and giving her more and more attention daily.  (I have to admit I bribed her a little with people food. She loves cheese). Eventually she warmed up to me and now she won't leave me alone! I love her so much  She not only isn't skittish anymore but seeks attention from everyone who visits us and loooooves attention. She won't stop meowing until you make her aware you know she's there. She loves her baby mouse and like to carry it around in her mouth while meowing.

Jinxie. Oh Jinxie. She's so simple. She's just a cat and understands that the only thing that she should eat is stuff for cats. I think she only likes men. At first, she hated me. I think she hated the fact that I was now Scott's cuddle friend and not her. I left her alone and let he come to me. She's a hard-to-get kinda gal. Eventually all my attention went to Malibu and she could care less. But recently we have become BFFs. I found her weakness. Whenever we pour ourselves a glass of ice water she starts meowing like crazy. And she NEVER meows! So at night I usually try to give her her own glass of ice water. I know weird but she loves it and its a cheap treat. She's pretty huge and doesn't run around much unless her and Malibu are in a tiff. She's really laid back, but doesn't really like strangers. She also has a steel rod in her back left leg. She had an accident with playing and getting her claws stuck on a cat condo. She gets her claws stuck on things a lot. She has a weird thing with retracting them. She and Malibu were playing and she tried jumping of the top of a cat condo and got  her back  claw stuck and broke her back leg :( She's ok now...


Now you know Malibu and Jinxie.

Have a good day! Only 3 more days until Turkey Day, MMMMMMM!

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  1. HOW EXCITING! You're featured! So happy for you, darling!

  2. hey there! Love your cute kitties and the gorgeous giveaway you are having on elycias blog! I'm following your blog now and I can't wait!
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  3. your kitties are oh so cute!! jinxie has the coolest markings!