Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Ec # 1 - Online Sewing Class for beginers/ My First Sewing Project!

Lately I have been wanting to buy a sewing machine. They are so pretty and there are so many crochet projects I have done that I know would look so much cuter if I knew how to sew a few things to add to them. Well a about a month ago Target had sewing machines on sale in their Sunday ad. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be because I was just begging my husband for one. He agreed I could have one as long as it was reasonably priced and poof... Target had a beginners Singer on SALE! So, I bought it... It's just a basic model but that's all I need.

Isn't it pretty!? It's so new :)
I thought about taking a class at a craft store or something but I only have extra time on weekends and I hate waking up early. Then I came across the Home Ec image above on Pinterest. Oh lovely Pinterest! I looked more into the class and it seemed very reasonable. It cost $50 and there are about 27 step-by-step projects that get a little harder as you go. You go at your own pace. This has been great for me so far. I highly recommend this if you don't have a clue about sewing or even your sewing machine. They go over EVERYTHING.

The first project is a drawstring bag. Here's how mine came out...

It's the first project I've ever done on my own, on my own machine! I love it. I'm using it for my current crochet projects.

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