Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Series #1 - DIY Scatchers

My husband and I are kind of obsessed with scratchers and I just won $50 on a $2 ticket! I find them pretty exciting! So I looked googled "how to make homemade scratchers" and I found a lot of how to make cat scratcher tutorials. After a little more searching I found a Martha Stewart Save the Date Scratch Offs How To. Martha's idea was very cute and came out way cuter than mine! But I like that mine have a really homemade feel. They are just going to my hubby not sent out for anyone else to see.

Here's what you'll need:

-dish soap
-acrylic paint
-card stock or thick paper
-a little paint brush (the smaller the better)
-packing tape

Cut your card stock into "scratcher sized" squares. Decorate the card how you'd like. Then make a grid with random numbers and below those numbers put what prize you'd like the person to win. At the top of your grid you can make a place for "winning numbers" (be creative with this part. If you've ever scratched a scatcher you'll have an idea, if not, go out and buy a $1 one!)

After you decorate it and make your grid, lamminate your card. I used packing tape. If you want to buy laminate I'm sure it would look a lot better and professional. (I wasn't going for professional, hehe.)

Mix about one part soap two parts paint on a paper plate for your "scratcher mixture"

After you laminate paint over what you want to be scratched off. I didn't have a small brush. Mine was way too bulky but if you have a small brush it'd be easier to make heart shapes over the numbers rather than the blob circles I made. If you want to you can wait for the paint to dry over night and scrap the paint to a more desirable shape.

I did mine in a hurry because I didn't have much time. I hope you try it out! It's pretty fun!

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