Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Series #2 DIY Beaded Bracelets

I wanted to make something for all the women I work with for Valentine's Day and I saw these cute bracelets on Food Coma (I love the Red Velvet Girls!)

You'll Need:
-waxed cotton/linen cord
- seed beads
-2 holed buttons

Here are the instructions from the original website. Check it out! There are other DIY bracelets that I can't wait to try too.

If you want to make them into Valentine's Favors like I did the extras I used were:
-red yarn
-a hole puncher
-heart shaped doilies 

I has a bit of a hard time at first but after you do one bracelet you get the hang of it. I didn't take pictures of the process. (My hands were too busy! Hehe...)

 Here's the finished product...

I love how they turned out. Very cheap to make a lot of these too!

To make them into Valentine's "cards" or "favors" I took heart shaped doilies and made two hole punches at the top and tied yarn through the holes to make a bow. Then I attached the bracelet to the loop the yarn made in the back. 

I hope the girls at work like them! 

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