Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flowers Everywhere in Your Home

One of my new goals for 2012 is to be happy hanging out at home. We live in a tiny apartment and we love the location and the place it self but it's kind of an old place. Little by little we decided we'll do little projects here and there to spruce up the place. It makes us proud and happy to be in our apartment. 
So far we: 
- put up shelves in our dining area for my Pyrex
- made a wall in our dining area chalkboard

Another little thing I have been doing about every 2 to 3 weeks is buying a cheap bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. All you need is 1 bunch that usually costs $7 to $10. I never spend more than that.

This bunch I paid $7.99 for.

You'll need little jars or bottles. ( I used recycled jam jars, Martinelli's apple juice bottles, and old mini glass vases I found)

When you get your flowers at the store make sure you grab a few of those flower food packets. I use a good amount in each little vase and my flowers sometimes last up to 3 weeks!

Trim your flowers and seperate them in different arrangements. Have fun with this! 

I even use yarn for decoration around the jars...

Then stick them all over the house!

It brightens up areas.

It's funny how something so small, makes me so happy. It really makes a room cute!
Do it! I bet you'll get addicted to having flowers always around, like me!


  1. Hi Jessica,

    My name is Warren and I'm the Social Media Coordinator at S. Martinelli & Co.. I just wanted you to know that I came across this blog post this morning and really liked your ideas and pictures, so I've shared it on the Martinelli's Facebook page (facebook.com/MartinellisCo) and on our Pinterest account (pinterest.com/MartinellisCo). Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Warren!

      You definetly made my day! Thanks for recognizing my ideas! I love Martinelli's!

      <3 Jessica