Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrifty 4- Pyrex Heaven

Last weekend my husband and I went to Santa Barbara just to spend the day there. The weather was perfect so we had lunch and before we went home we decided to stop by a thrift store to look for some Pyrex.

My husband is getting pretty good at spotting them. He usually finds them all first, then I give them a once over and usually buy them.

This one (I looked up online) is a promotional Pyrex Cinderella bowl

The outside is frosty white with gold leaves and baby blue on the inside

These casserole dishes we also found there! The bottom one (the black on white) had its original holder with it. I've never seen the holders before!

Once we get in a Pyrex hunting mode we can't stop! So we went to Ojai before coming home.
Here's what we found!

This at the first store...

This one at the second...

and oh my! Yes we found another full set! 
Aren't these pretty!? Not a scratch on them.

My shelves are getting pretty full! But I won't stop hunting. This just means I'll have to look for a pretty hutch for them all eventually.

I also found these Fire King mugs by Anchor. They were only 50 cents each! I see more succulents being planted here in the near future...

Happy Friday!

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