Monday, September 12, 2011

Crochet Project: Easy Hoodie Hat

This is one of the easiest hats you'll ever make! I found it here at  A Beautiful Mess.

You'll need:
•2 colors of yarn (hat color and pom pom color)
•Large crochet hook (I used K, wish I uses larger)
•needle and thread

1. Make a chain as long as it needs to be to fit around the front part of your head like a bonnet.

2. Once you know how big your chain needs to be continue in rows single crocheting. The number of rows depend on the size of your hook and your head. As you go you can test and size it to your head by putting it over your head like a bonnet. Stop when it looks big enough to cover your whole head.

3. Once you have a long rectangular shape that would fit like a hood on your head fold it in half and stitch up one side of the rectangle where the back is going to be. Turn inside out.

4. Take 6 strands of long yarn and loop them through the bottom corners of the hat. Braid the strings and tie a knot at the ends. You can make them any length you'd like.

5. Make a Pom-Pom and sew it on the the top of the hat where it points.

This hat could be for girls or guys...

That's it! The bigger the hook and yarn the faster it will go! This is such an easy and fun hat that fits just like a hood. I love it because it doesn't mess up your hair as much as a tighter beanie would.


  1. im the button hook model btw. . .lol

  2. Have you looked at Krochet Kids? It's a non-profit I really think you should check out!

  3. Ashten- I will look into it more! Look like my type of stuff! <3