Friday, September 16, 2011

Neat Nails #2

Here's just ONE neat way to use plain old Scotch Tape to make shapes or strips on your nails:

You'll Need:

2 or 3 nail polish colors
Scotch Tape

1.Before paining your nails cut 10 strips of tape and put them on the edge of a table. You'll come back for those later.

2. Paint your nails one color. Let dry COMPLETELY! I MEAN COMPLETELY!

3.Use 2 strips of tape to create a place to paint a second color to make a stripe.

4.As soon as you paint a strip peel off tape immediately. You should have a perfect stripe.

5. After you do all your nails, let dry. You COULD do a third stripe by using only one piece of tape to cover the middle stripe you've made. Just paint the tip of your nail, pull of tape immediately. You will have 3 stripes of color!

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