Saturday, September 10, 2011

Neat Nails #1

I love painting my nails. I probably change them up once or twice a week. This week I want to show you my polka dot nails. I got the idea from a blog called Cake Darling.

1. Pick out 3 or 4 colors:

2. Paint your main color and let it dry. I like to use Sally Hansen Insta-Dry between each step. Also after your first color dries get your toothpicks or wooden dowels ready.

 3. After your first color has dried dip you toothpick in a different color and dot your nails with the wooden stick. (You can experiment with the size of the dots. The lighter you press the smaller the dots, the more nail polish you use on the stick and the harder you press down will make bigger dots.) Let the first set of dots dry before you do the next set of dots.

TIP: if you use Insta-Dry or any other top coat between colors your polka-dots will look better and the colors will not run.

Try it! It takes patience, but your nails will look so cute!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for the link! Look at those perfect polka dots you achieved - nice!!! xo