Friday, September 9, 2011

Here goes nothing...

I'm not sure how I first started obsessing over people's blogs but I'm going to try to start one! I think it was StumbleUpon. (Thanks StumbleUpon) I love reading people's blogs and getting inspired by them. I have noticed the most interesting blogs I've found have only been girls from the Midwest or Canada. I'm from California and it doesn't seem as popular here. Maybe I'm wrong, but as far as crafty, young women writing about things I like everyone seems to live, well not on the West Coast. There's so much to do here in California I will have lots to blog about!
But first I will have to thank my inspirations right now, (as well as hundreds of other people's inspirations)

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. She has such great style and is so creative! So, this being my first post ever... I hope one day I can become as successful as Elsie. This is her blog advice and I'm going to take it! 5 Tips For Bloggers

Kaylah at daintysquid. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and Kaylah.This was my very first blog I ever started to follow. She has the cutest kitties!

Check both of them out! Happy Friday Everyone! It's going to be a beautiful weekend.

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